Kristy Johnson Designs Ltd

Kristy Johnson Designs Ltd

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
Pablo Picasso

Ceramics, Glass, Silver Clay, Jewellry - Trinidad and Tobago

Meet the Artist

Kristy Johnson is a Trinidadian artist who works with fused glass, metal clay and ceramics. She is known for her fused glass jewellery which dazzles in the light, and always bring comments and compliments to the wearer. Fused glass jewellery, also referred to as dichroic glass jewellery, embodies amazing luster, opal-like depth of colour, and sparkling radiance. She invites you to enhance your jewellery collection with the concept of wearable glass art. The works of international glass artisans; Chihuly, Jack Storms and Lisa Vogt intrigue her and help her push the boundaries of what is considered art.

Why Do You Make This Type of Art?

I have always felt the need to create. Whether I was drawing, painting or sculpting, the creative urge has been second nature to me since childhood.  But Nothing has inspired me more creatively than working with glass. The fluidity, translucency and colours of glass completely fascinate me. I am mostly a self-taught artist, having dabbled in various media through the years, including raku pottery, clay mosaic and precious metal design, all of which have influenced the way I work with glass in my studio. When the family business was sold, I seized the opportunity to begin my creative journey, which eventually led me to take classes on the basics of fusing glass.

What Does Your Artwork Represent?

My art is a way to express my attitude, feelings and thoughts.
It is a process and a product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. For me, fused glass is a medium that provides an inexhaustible source of creative possibilities through the combination of colours, textures and techniques.

What Inspires You?

My ideas come from nature and are simply intuitive from life experiences. Inspiration for my glass art is all around me, especially as I live on an island. Bright beachy ocean hues such as turquoise blues, emerald greens, pearly pinks and fiery oranges bring my artistic vision to the glass “canvas”. The translucent nature of glass acts as a host for an infinite palette of colours. Everyday light-play can enhance a finished piece simply by adding an ethereal, glistening beauty that is not seen in other media.

How Do You Make It?

I hand-cut all the glass from sheets of transparent or opaque glass. The glass is stacked 2 or more layers thick to form a pattern. A design layer is added to the top using cut glass, ground glass (frit), stringers, and confetti just to name a few. The pieces are then fired slowly to temperatures ranging from 650-800ºC in a kiln.